Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fishing With Dad store.

I made this kit because I love to go fishing with my Dad. Which is funny because I hated it when I was young. He used to take us when we were little and I usually just read a book the whole time.....LOL That used to frustrate him then. Now I really enjoy fishing with him. It's much more casual now and relaxing. Funny what you remember when your young. Back then I felt like it was more of a chore to fish. I tell you. Kids can be quite awful to their parents when they are young. Now I get to spend that real quality time with my dad and enjoy it. So, I have lots of fishing photos with my dad. Plus, I'm now married to an aspiring fisherman. Jose just got into it when he met me and he loves it. He destresses when he fishes, especially in Corpus at the ocean. And trust me he needs that destressing time.

So, most of the stuff in this kit is what we actually use. I meant to get some of my dads homemade fishing jigs in there but couldn't find them until now. Maybe I'll make an addon later.

I also put a lot of board frames in here too. There's 3 cluster frames, 1 holds 2 photos, another holds 4 photos and the last holds 9 photos. There are also corks aka bobbers, fishing poles, fish (we actually caught), soft plastic bait, jigs, plastic worms, hooks, treble hooks, plastic lizzards, our yellow kayak, a butterfly/moth, rocks, fishing line and lures.
I'm going to my moms the next 4 days so I may not be here for a bit. She has dial-up and it really sucks to be on the internet there. Checking email is almost impossible. So, I'll try to be back in a bit to give you something, if not I'll definitely be back by Thursday.



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