Sunday, November 11, 2007

MyHarvestPumpkinPatch Kit! and Preview of my solid papers for my WinterWonderland Kit.

Well, Hello everyone. I know it seems like I have forgotten about you but believe me when I say that I haven't. Just been busy with work (you know my 9to5 job). I work night (1am to 9am). Yuck! Don't get much sleep but not so much stress.
Also I have been sick this past week and can't seem to get over it. I'm taking all this medicine and it seems like it's not working as well as it should. If I don't get better soon, I promised my fiance that I would go to the doctor. Got horrible cough, sore throat and everything else to go along with it. I don't hardly ever get sick so when I do it hits hard.
Anywho's, I have been working on kits though. And you know I am not as fast as these other people here. It takes me a while to get what I want. Most of the time not sure what to do but I finally - sometimes - get the result that I want.
Here are 2 preview of the solid papers that I made for my WinterwonderlandKit.
I have soft papers and rough papers. I didn't want to just make a solid color. I wanted to have something with a little texture and enough prettieness to go along with my snowflakes.
I am trying to download them on 4shared right now. I keep getting i/o errors and not sure why yet. So, I will offer them to you when I get them downloaded. Also, the alpha to go with it. I've also made some pretty cool tags ( at least I think they are) and frames to add to later. I keep adding stuff. This might end up being a pretty big kit. I keep coming up with stuff. So, please be patient with me. I am a beginner. Still learning. Enjoy the previews. Also, check out the new kit below that I am giving to you now. Any advise is greatly appreciated.

Here is my Harvest Pumpkin Patch Kit. I drew these pumpkins the other day and scanned them, colored them and then gave them different shades. My first try at using my artistic talent with the pencil. I thought maybe they might make a cute kit and this is what I came up with.

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