Thursday, December 13, 2007

WOW...its already the 13th!

Guess you guys thought I forgot about you. Definitly not the case. I've made a few things and time had just gotten away with me. Can't believe it's already the 13th. I'm still stuck somewhere on the 10th. Shoot, I still can't even believe it's Dec. Next thing you know Xmas will be come and gone and then HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Anyway, I have to make some previews of some stuff and download on 4shared. Hopefully, I can get you something good today. Possibly the pins to go with the WinterWonderland Kit. That would probably be good.

So we'll talk later and I'll try to get you something.

Did I mention it's freezing outside! Brrrrr. Lower 30's here. So keep warm and see ya later.


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