Friday, December 28, 2007

MyXmasTimeQuickPages...Yeah..I'm Back! FREEBIE!

Hi everyone. I hope you all had Wonderful Holidays. Ours was quick but nice. My honey got me a 19" LCD Monitor. Yeah! Now I can see my stuff much better. He was so sweet to get it for me. I think my mom helped him a little. I got him a dehydrator so he can make his own beef jerky. He's been wanting that for at least 2 yrs now. Now he has it.

I just couldn't keep up with xmas this year. Couldn't keep up with the blog. Too much going on. Maybe today I can make things up. I planned on making a Christmas kit for you all but I couldn't seem to get it all together. Well, now I have some stuff for you to use. I may even like this one better than my winterwonderland kit.

Today I have 2 quickpages for you that I made with the kit. I really hope you like them. I think they turned out really nice. I'm still deciding which parts of the kit to give you. Let me know what you all like best.

Oh yeah, it snowed at my moms again the day after xmas. (It just snowed on Thanksgiving) Not enough to stick but it did SNOW. And man, was it cold there.

Here is the previews of my quickpages:

You can get the XmasTime Quickpages here



lark said...

Great quick pages. Thanks for sharing with us. Happy ear

Lois B said...

Hmm there are so many of the elements that I love. The candy canes and candy cane frames are great as well as the lights and light frames. The stockings are adorable too. Of course they would need the red background paper as well!

Thanks so much for sharing your QPs.

Happy New Year

InHouse said...

Really thanks for all the pretty thigs you share !!!... i download some and really like them!!

a hug from southamerica

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