Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Freebie.....and new kits in store!

Sorry I haven't been around for a bit. I know I've lost some of you. I noticed some of you took me off of your feedblitz lists. Sorry about that. It's kind of hard to work a 40 hr job, get married, tend to new husband and 2 puppies, plus get product into a store during one of the busiest times of the year and keep up with this too. I've begun to realize that I'm not a superwoman. Haha. I finally got all of my Thanksgiving kit in the store and Most of my Halloween kit in there too. Just trying to keep up with the Jones's as you might say. I'm even trying to get my wedding photos scrapped but been to busy to even do that. Too many projects.

I just wanted to share a few more photos from the wedding. These are the set-up photos. So you can kind of see my back yard. It ended up being quite nice.
Here are the 60 chairs that we had set up in our back yard. See the grill way back in the corner. That was my mom's $200 wedding gift to us. Isn't she just the greatest.

Here is the swing-set that me and Lori decorated. This was were we stood.
Now we have a hammock chair hanging from it.

And here it is at dusk time with the lights on. See how we or should I say Lori put the light in the tree. We had blue and white lights everywhere.

There were only white lights on the swingset so we can use it year round if we want.

I still have about 15 more name frames to do plus the boy scout ones. No I didn't forget. Just been way too busy. I may do some for the holidays too but probably not many more names. But I will keep the lists of names just in case I make anything else to do with names. That way you all don't have to give me them all again. I'll just suprise you.

Now I want to show you the kits I've put in the store lately so you can see what I've been doing.

Here's my Happy Thanksgiving kit.

Buy Whole kit Here for only $5.99

or Buy just the elements Here
for $4.99

or Buy the Papers Here at ScrapitSassy
for only $2.99

Here is my Halloween Creepy Crawlie kit so far.
I have lots more papers to put in the store. There are 29 orange papers alone. I got over-zealous. (Yes I did Lori) But they are all so wonderful. I won't be offering it as a whole kit because there just way to many papers. Or at least I don't think so. But here's what I have so far at ScrapitSassy.

Buy all Elements Here for only $2.99
at ScrapitSassy

Buy the Orange Papers HERE for only $3.99
at ScrapitSassy

Buy the fancy frames Here for $1.99

I have a Halloween freebie for you. It's just a couple of odds-n-ends. There is one fancy frame with a Cobra and flies on it. And there is one blue worm and one green spider and one orange centipede.

Download Freebie Here

I'll see ya later. Promise it'll be sooner than later. Haha.

Take care and I hope you all had a great Halloween. I only had 1 group of 4 trick-or-treaters. Thought I'd of had more than that.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 01 Nov [LA 08:58pm, NY 10:58pm] - 02 Nov [UK 03:58am, OZ 02:58pm] ).

Mumure said...

Thank you so much ))

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