Monday, August 4, 2008

Can't get on 4shared

Hi everyone, I had a whole set of names to share with you today but I can't get on 4shared. Says the server is disconnected or something. Guess I'm on the internet and they aren't. haha. Anyway, guess I'll try tomorrow.

Also, check my previous posts for names. I have found that I have made Joshua twice, Daniel twice, Hunter twice, Elijah twice, and Brian twice. So please check before you just put in a request because it's too hard for me to keep making the same ones. I've made it before I've realized. I have a notebook I'm writing them all down in and I'm highlighting them when I'm through making the frame. I also have your names by the requests so i know I got to yours. So, if you could please make sure I haven't done it before you request more or new ones.

Pat I already did Nicole, Colton (twice too) and Michael.

Also already did Madison. SO if you need these you can get then in the previous post where I reposted everything. I'm gonna write all names in each list in another folder so maybe I can keep up. So lets help each other out.

Also, still going to get the girl scouts one done, going to add more sports themed ones too like hopscotch, jumprope, cheerleading, T ball, rollerskating.

And Lauren you asked for firsts. Figured I'd do a First Born, First Kiss, First Love, First Haircut, First Tooth, First Day of School, First Teddy Bear, First Words, First Steps, First Bath, First Dr. Visit, First Tricycle (maybe) ----> I'm having trouble coming up with more, I'm figuring they don't necessarily have to do with babies in all of them.

Anyway, talk later and i'll try to get you the new names tomorrow. Bye Bye

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Anonymous said...

It so nice of you to do all these names for everyone. Thank you! I don't see Janet, KAthy and Debbe on you list and would love them if your taking requests.

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