Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thank You, Sharon

Thankyou Sharon Kay

for letting me know you got my kit. Hey if you make any layouts with it and email them to me so I can show them on my blog, You may get a surprise. Noone ever sends me layouts except forMeg who sent me 4 layouts with the word frames (thank you again Meg - who got a nice surprise too). And let me know if it worked well for you. I'd really love to see the layouts...thank you so very very much. It was a huge kit. I liked to have never got it downloaded on their server. Took up all of their download slots.....haha. But it seems to be a hit....thank you!

I know I've never mentioned that but If you buy one of my kits I usually give a reward for sharing with me. To show my great appreciation. I like to see what someone else does with my kits. You get to see a different and new perspective. Really cool.

Talk later

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