Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hi everyone,

No I haven't forgotten you. Not in the least. But I just got really busy all of the sudden. I am now a designer at a store. Whoo Hoo....I just can't believe it. I now belong to ScrapitSassy as one of their designers. I had to learn how to do everything really quick. I have already put my kit Chris' Rustic Cowboy (I have dropped the collection part) in the store. I've even got it separated in several pieces such as elements, frames, papers and I've added some more photo papers. Here's a preview of what I put in the store.

I had to rearrange my files to fit and make new previews. Took a lot of work but I finally got it. Yeah. I am so excited. I think I'm still in shock. So go check them out and I'm listed as April the Scrapaholic. It's pretty cool to be on there.

So I'm late with the names. But I promise to get them pretty quick. Sorry Pamey. All this took me by surprise or by storm. But it's calmed down now. I should be on track here pretty soon.

I'll be back either later on or in the morning with the frames. I still got to get them all made for you and preview them. Promise. And don't worry I'm still making freebies for all of you.

Wish me luck gals and guys.


1 comment:

makeyesup said...

Congrats on belonging to a store now. Don't know why you say that you are now a designer though. You've been one all along. It doesn't take being a part off a store to obtain that title. Your work is terrific and much appreciated. Thanks.

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