Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How to use my name templates....

Hi everyone,

I got an email from one of my readers, yholee who is asking how to use my frames. I don't really consider my frame a template but I guess in a way it is. Basically all it is, is a black frame that is transparent around it. I don't use photoshop that much but a lot of you have told me that it works really well with it. I use Microsoft Digital Imaging for almost everything. I've got to get the photoshop thing down. I have 2 versions of it but I always go back to Microsoft and they've discontinued it. Drats.

Anyway, back to the subject. Basically yholee (and anyone else who needs to know this), I chose the black on the template with my wand. I am pretty sure you can do that with photoshop. Then I just fill it with the photo. In my program it asks to fill with texture or picture. I choose picture and then with the photo already opened up in the program, I choose it and then fill all the black with the photo. It then lets me move the photo around to how I want it. And you have it.

If it is any different in photoshop, which I will try out myself in a little bit. Will someone let me know? I have to do a few things with my kits in the store this morning but I'll be back later with more names. I'll also check to see if it does work in photoshop. Or try at least..haha. I hope this helps you yholee. If not let me know and I will give more info to you. I really want you guys to be able to use my stuff. That's why I make it. Thank you for bringing to my attention that you needed help. I don't mind helping any of you at all. My pleasure.

I'll be back later and you all take care.


1 comment:

kokay said...

Thank you for telling us now to use your name frames. I also use Microsoft Digital Image and this helps alot.

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