Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I made a layout.............or page

I made a layout or scrapbook page of my mom and dads beautiful puppy, Scout. He is a Dachshund (hope I spelled it right) and so pretty. He has the most amazing coat. IT just looks so glamorous in the sunlight. My parents live in a cabin on the lake and he's the Cabin Dog. My puppies love it there too. They have this huge lake to swim in.

Anyway, this is a page of scout snoozing on the lawn. He's sunbathing. HaHa.

I used my SCOUT word frame to make this. I also just made these papers. And the top frame I just made to. Turned out pretty cool. Looks alot like my Chris' Rustic Cowboy kit. I may do these as an add-on to that kit or just make them into another kit. Not sure yet. But they look pretty cool.

I am going to work on some more name frames today. So, I'll have to post them later and I am going to redo those last ones that I gave out. Noone liked them the way I did them. So, batches it is for sure. Easier on me too.

So take care and have a great day and I'll talk to you later.

Bye Bye

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