Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just a note to my readers.


DragonflySarah........yes I will do mummy for my aussie fans. Not a problem.

And Amy just send me your kids names and I'll do them too.

I may regret this because I may get too many to handle but let's do it anyway. If anyone wants one just ask and I'll see what I can do. Also if you have problems using them just let me know and tell me what the problem is. I use Microsoft Digital Imaging or what some call DIP software. So I am not so sure they work as well in photoshop. IF it does work in photoshop can you let me know. I know mine are different from Pam's. Hers has a white background where mine are transparent. I like them better that way. Then you can put them on anything.

Take care yall.


Sarah said...

Thanks April! you're the best!!
can i add a few to your list?
Ruby & Jamie

i know i'm asking a lot! so just whatever you have time for!
thanks so very much, Sarah

MommaC said...

You know normally on these I just appreciate someone taking the time to make these and thank them and go on but, this time I'd like to request my boys names. I didn't think I named them anything weird but, I can't find their names anywhere LOL.


(no I don't have two boys named Trent and Trenton...just one but, I can't decide if I want to use Trenton or Trent)


Lisa said...

I just love these frames, thanks so much. I have some requests, but understand if you can't fell them:

Chad - my DS
Casey -my DD
Chris -my SIL
Amy - my DIL
Caitlin -(my granddaughter that was born this morning!!)

Anonymous said...

Love these frames! Would you mind making one with "Cassi"?

Thanks for sharing all of your great freebies with us all!


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