Saturday, July 12, 2008

Blogging and Preview of New kit...............Plus I still need that name!!!

Hi everyone...sorry I've been gone for awhile. I've just been trying to finish Chris' kit. I have most of it finished but still working on a few more things. I already have finished 24 files. (That's 24 downloads so far) Just trying to get it the way I want it.

I have several names from you but I'm still looking for some more. So please leave your suggestions in the comments of this post. I will give it to the person who comes up with either the best name or the one that is most inspiring. Chris has actually chosen one from the list. But I am still deciding.

Here are some of the suggestions so far.

  • Chris at home on the range
  • Chris' home on the range
  • Chris, cows and cowpies
  • Howdy Partner
  • Sheriff Chris
  • Holy Cowpies
  • Kickin it up with Chris
  • Horses, spurs and Chris
  • Chris-en
  • Cowboy Chris
  • (and those all came from one person...thanks Sharon Kay)
  • Western Roundup
  • Ranch kit
  • Holy Rustic Rider
  • Chris' Holy Country
  • Holy Cowboy Chris
  • Cowboy Chris
  • Holy Rustic Cowboy
  • Chris' Cowboy Collection
  • Chris' Cowboy Capers
  • Chris' Rustic Cattle-call
  • Chris' Rustic Cow-town
Like I said, I'm still deciding. Would have like to have rustic in the name. But we'll see. Loved the cowpies suggestion. Too funny.


belle007 said...

Chris' Rustic Texas Ranch

Anonymous said...

How about this? Wustic Woundup JR

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