Thursday, July 24, 2008

Decided to work on an actual kit today..........

I am working on a kit for my very best friends daughter whom is going to have a baby girl. Her name is going to be Isabella Renee. The babys was due at the end of August but I think they've jumped it up a little bit. My best friend, Lori gave her daughter (Amanda) a baby shower the other day for Isabella. We all had a good time.

She made some pages for her and you can see them on her blog Nanas Nick Nacks . Hopefully I'm not too late getting this kit together. She's trying to put together an album for Amanda.

Here is a sneak peak..............I've added much more to it than this. The colors are brown, pink, teal, yellow and white.

I pretty much just started on it day before yesterday. I have it pretty much done but 4shared doesn't seem to like me all that much today so it's taking a while to upload everything.

I've added butterflies, flowers (lots), umbrellas, crowns and tiaras, swirlies, ribbons with bows, some round frames, baby safety pins, zippers..........................

I still need to make some more frames and then I "HAVE" to make some kind of tag. Lori gets onto me for never making some kind of note or tage to write on. Honestly I don't think about it. Crazy, huh. I do alphas but she likes to write on tags. My bad. She doesn't really get onto me I just notice in the layouts she does with my kits. She'll either use someone elses or just make something from mine to look like a tag. My poor Lori..........guess I need to try harder. TAGS TAGS TAGS I'm gonna work on those. I do lots of papers so there's no reason not to do tags. With all the textures and designs on the papers they would look great. I just forget. haha

Anyway, gotta see what 4shared's doing to me. Be back later. And i'll probably give the kit for free, at least till the babies born.

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