Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What font I use is............


Jodi I used the Ariel Black font for the sports frames and most of them that I'm sharing with you. The ones with my names were done with Cooper Black.

Someone left me a note that I misspelled badmitten and that it's supposed to be badminton. Sorry about that. That's just how we always said it. You know us Texans say things different. I actually had never tried to spell it before, wasn't even sure that that was the actual name or something we came up with. That happens a lot too. So sorry but I'm probably not going to fix it. My oops.

Also, Meg sent me some layouts using my frames and they are awesome. Gonna see if she'll give me permission to post them. They turned out wonderful.

Talk later, just wanted to let you Jodi know what font I'm using. I may not have told before.


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