Thursday, July 17, 2008

I named the kit for Chris and here it is................but first enjoy my best friends layout using my kit.

Hi everyone. Here is a quick-page made by my very best friend Lori. You can find her on her blog at Nana's Nick Nacks . Please go check out her blog. She makes lots of quick pages for me and other people. So please go say hi to her. She just started her blog.

So, the name of my kit for Chris is going to be called "Chris' Rustic Cowboy Collection"............what do you think? Chris picked out the name from the list of names you gave me. I didn't get that many names to go with. So, the free kit goes to Joycelyn. So, Joycelyn I need your email address to send you the links. I'll see if I have it anywhere, like where you left the comment. I'll check. Anyway get with me on this. You get if free. All of it.

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